Vintage Wedding Ideas--Bridal Gowns1930's and 1950's

Vintage or retro is a quite popular wedding theme in nowadays. Besides old-fashioned decorations will bring out a good feeling of old days, an antique or vintage inspired dress will add excellent vintage feeling. Additionally, a vintage dress usually costs less than a designer one. Bride who wants a retro or vintage style wedding should first decide on which decade she wants, then goes to check the major fashion styles of the decades. I personally suggest the 1930's and1950's which are the most stylish and glamor in my eyes.

1930's Vintage Bridal Style

The 1930's style is one of my favorite vintage styles. A natural slim silhouette became the fashion and took the place of the 1920's boyish cut. The hemline also dropped suddenly ankle and lower. A loon sleek appearance with draping fabric is crucial for brides to create 1930's feeling. These features reveal softly women's curve and beauty.

1950's Vintage Bridal Styles

The 1950’s is the most popular vintage wedding idea. It has also become a major tendency of wedding dress trends in 2011. You can see lots of designers have got inspirations from this decade, like Justin Alexander or Paloma Blanca and others. Bridal gowns of the 1950’s were usually modest. It doesn't show a lot of skin, featuring sleeves and not-too-low neckline. The 1950’s gown is also extremely feminine. A quite emphasized waist with poof-up full skirt creates a big hourglass shape. Lace is another common characteristic. A pair of tall thin heels wore underneath the tea length skirt shows perfect ankles. Bodice with fitted bust, lace layers, upstanding collars, lace boleros matching a strapless dress, full skirt with flutter hem will make its way into the 1950's style.

Other Vintage Bridal Styles

1920's fashion is about flapper. A flapper dress is straight, tight and sleeveless, with the dropped waistline to the hips. For brides, you can select a flapper style white dress. A cap veil pleated with Chantilly lace or a chaplet headpiece will add much more touch of 1920's feeling.

A distinctive 1940’s style gown has pointed long sleeves with a slight sweetheart neckline high on the neckline. A V-shape line emphasizes the w

The 1960's wedding fashion has seen lots of familiar features to us, like empire waistline and the A-line silhouette. Bride who wants a unique look of this decade can look for something with a bubble sheath silhouette, hemline at ankles, 3/4 lace sleeves or Watteau train which are unique styles of that decade.


Affordable Modest Wedding Dresses

Choice of modest wedding dresses is a personal style like any other styles like romantic or modern in every bride wedding dress choice while modest is also a trend for in bridal fashion. is something not too revealing of modernity, but shows an extreme elegance of any bride.

The modest wedding gowns s out there has the tendency of making the bride look boxy - almost shapeless. This is too bad since this is not the goal of the modest bride, she just doesn't want to be over exposed. I suggest having one made by an accomplished seamstress. Finding a good seamstress might take a little effort, but the end result will be something fabulous.

There are a few things that you are going to want to consider before you buy a modest wedding gown, modest or not, one of the most major being budget. Far too often brides find themselves in a pile of debt after their wedding and this is something that you can avoid if you take the time to plan and make a budget for yourself.

If a strapless or spaghetti strap gown is not what you're looking for, three-quarter length, short, and long sleeves come in many styles for a lovely modest wedding dress. Romantic puffed or poet sleeves, elegant tapered or fitted sleeves, dainty tulip or cap sleeves -- these are just a few choices in sleeve styles that can be alluring without showing too much skin.

The jewel neckline is a very modest neckline. Versatile and popular, the jewel neckline is also very elegant. The bateau, or boat neck, is another neckline choice for modest wedding dress, fitting across the chest slightly below the collarbone. Square, sweetheart and scoop necklines are slightly lower cuts than jewels and bateaus, but are still modest and beautiful neckline choice.

Most of women tend to go for the affordable modest wedding dresses. This is because they respect their bodies and would dress as modest as possible. There are some ways of getting modest wedding dresses for example: shop around and explore other geographical places that sell them. Consult your friends and family members who have experienced such a situation. Visit online wedding dress stores and wedding review sites for price comparison purposes and so forth.


Dare to Wear Yellow: The Make-up And Shoes to Wear

There’s no other color that represents summer more than yellow, and we love yellow. Yellow evokes fun, femininity and fearlessness. It is a color that immediately grabs your attention. We love its eye-catching power — bright, loud and bold.Fashionistas and designers alike warn against wearing yellow because it’s prone to mishaps (think yellow and black combined and you’ll look like a bumble bee. Yellow and orange is rather garish, as they tend to clash) but if you’re daring enough to wear a yellow dress or gown, cheers to you! Learning how to wear yellow will not only up your fashion intelligence points, it will also give you the attention you deserve. Why? Because with the right makeup and shoes, you can pull off the yellow and balance the loud and the mellow.

Homecoming Dresses , Holiday dresses

Homecoming is right around the corner and online shops are sure to have a gown to suit every style. Before you pick a dress, think about what type of homecoming your school typically throws.

Dresses for homecoming 2010 are already out and the time to get the best selection is now. Gold, green and black are two of the hot colors in evening gowns for the upcoming homecoming season. While most of the homecoming 2010 collection is made up of short cocktail dresses, there are some elegant, long evening gowns for those who prefer length.

Amongst the styles presented in the Fall 2010 homecoming line are numerous variations on the short strapless, sassy dress. There are printed two-color combination like royal blue and white, red and black and green and black for a look that stands out. There are also a variety of solid color short dresses that rely on fun textures like tulle skirts, sequins, crystals and interesting necklines to make them eye-catching. There is even the Clarisse 9105, a halter neckline dress in the unmistakable Marilyn style in gold or aqua. . There is a short little black dress manufactured by Clarisse. The most popular
will become the best prom dresses 2011 as prom manufacturers will continue to make these dresses in lighter colors for prom.
When shopping for your ideal dress for homecoming.

Pick the short dress that best suits your personality. With a wide variety of cocktail and homecoming dresses to choose from, you can look glamorous in a short tight dress or like a little princess in a cute baby doll style dress. Clarisse style 6848 is a dazzling dress that is a sexy yet sophisticated style that will be a showstopper on the dance floor. If you are going for the short puffy style, you will look darling in Clarisse style 9271. This style comes in a precious pink color and has a demure bolero jacket that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tail. Finding the perfect short dress is the fun part and whatever style homecoming dress you choose, going short for homecoming is a sure way to turn heads this fall.


Bridesmaid Dresses - Ideas and Inspirations

When talking about 2010 Wedding Trends, it seems almost too obvious to talk about the economy's impact. But before you jump to conclusions about how drab and cheap weddings are, know that limited budget can also creat style and fashion.
Bridal parties can range anywhere from a single maid/matron of honor to more than a dozen attendants, many wedding experts agree that a good rule of thumb is to have one groomsman and one corresponding bridesmaid for every 50 guests.

Choosing a dress that flatters all the bridesmaids is often a challenging task. Here are a tip about selecting bridesmaid dresses that work well for your bridesmaids based on their figures.
Whether you want a bridal party made up of 10 of your closest friends or whether you want to keep it intimate, we've tracked down the hottest trends for all things bridesmaid.
Tea-length bridesmaid dresses are ideal for semi-formal and casual weddings. They are versatile and attractive on most figures. udreamybridal.com provides you large selection of bridesmaid dresses and you will surprisingly find most dresses are under $70!
Blue has become popular for several years now. It’s no wonder that blue is the first choice in this hot summer. And it makes an impression when it complements your white wedding gown. Strapless, blue, chiffon dress, $82.98, udreamybridal.com
You want your bridesmaid dresses to look beautiful in their own right and complement the design of your wedding at the same time. In addition, it is important for the dresses to be flattering for your bridesmaids. Choosing separates as bridesmaid dresses can fulfill these criteria.